July 29th, 2014

Stage 773, 7pm

The second reading of Everly Yours! A feedback reading for the book and libretto and 75% of the music of Everly Yours, with full cast, 5-piece orchestra and two blocked dance numbers. Tickets are not required, and all are invited!


Vic Shaw/Effie Hankins–Kat Dalin, J Marshall Fields Jr.–Christian Ketter, Minna Everleigh—Genevieve Thiers, Ada Everleigh–Alicia Berneche, Brick Top—Christea Parent, Diamond Bertha—Janne Schoppe, Doll–Erin Long, Vera–Michelle L’Amour, Ernest Bell/Bathhouse John–Jake Mahler (*Understudy Isaac Samuelson), The Professor (Van Van)–Leslie Hill,  Reporter/John Kelley/Big Jim–Goran Norquist, Reader–Rose Sengenberger


Piano—Mischa Zupko,  Clarinet Katie Schoepflin, Drums-Brent Roman, Violin-Dom Johnson, Bass-Collins Trier


Composer-Mischa Zupko, Bookwriter and Librettist-Genevieve Thiers, Reading director-Michael McCracken, Music Director-Andy Hodson, Stage Manager-Kelsy Durkin, Choreography, Michelle L’Amour, Sound Design-Dom Johnson and Franky Vivid, Ancillary Arrangement for First Reading, Joseph Francavilla and Craig Snider, Graphic Design, Caffineated Communications.

June 21, 2014

WFMT Broadcast/Make Music Chicago, 10am

Two Everly Yours songs were performed on the air live on WFMT!  This segment also featured an interview with Bookwriter/Librettist Genevieve Thiers and Composer Mischa Zupko Online:

December 10, 2013

Greenhouse Theater, 7pm

The first reading of Everly Yours! A feedback reading for the book and libretto of Everly Yours.  Two hours, with full cast and sound paintings.


CAST Vic Shaw/Effie Hankins–Kat Dalin J Marshall Fields Jr.–Christian Ketter Minna Everleigh—Genevieve Thiers Ada Everleigh–Malia Ropp Brick Top—Amanda Runge Diamond Bertha—Kristin Johnson Doll–Jessie Lyons Vera–Kristin Johnson Ernest Bell/Doctor–Mario Aivazian The Professor (Van Van)–Leslie Hill Big Jim Colisimo–Ben de los Monteros Bathhouse John Coughlin/Prince Henry of Prussia–Mark Dodge Reporter/John Kelley–Ed Mc Leland

MUSICIANS Piano—Saori Chiba Violin—Mari Lugrath

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