Everly Yours is a new musical about the Everleigh Club, Chicago’s famously sumptuous early-1900’s brothel on Dearborn Street.  Run by sisters Minna and Ada Everleigh from 1901 to 1911, the Everleigh Club dressed its courtesans in Parisian couture, taught them poetry and French, and created an aura of seduction with opulent boudoirs, perfume fountains and live butterflies. From drinking champagne out of a slipper heart-stopping burlesque numbers, this show has it all.  The story follows the arc of Minna and Ada as they create the Club and fight for its existence against rival madams, gangsters and prominent deaths.  A secondary arc tells the heartbreaking story of J, Marshall Field, Jr, whose love affair with a courtesan named Vera might cost him everything he has.

The Everly Yours show musical features ten singing actors, and five musicians.  The music in the show is all original.  The show is two hours long, with a 60 minute first act and a 45 minute second act.  The show has been created from historical materials about the Club, including several books such as Come Into My Parlour and many old articles from the Chicago Tribune and similar magazines of the time period.  Several historical events have been changed, but in most cases, we have replied upon characters and events that are true to history.

Everly Yours has been created in Chicago by the Chicago bookwriter/librettist/composition team of Genevieve Thiers and Mischa Zupko.  Many thanks to the prominent theaters in the Chicago area, most of whom have at this point helped out in its creation in significant ways.  We are seeking a permanent home for the show, and please contact us if you would like to attend a reading or hear more about the project.


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